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Top 101 Beautiful Places in Finland to Visit

 Have you ever wondered about top beautiful places in Finland? In this list, we will discuss the Aland Islands, Archipelago National Park, Helsinki and Oulu. You can also get to know more about the beautiful Finnish capital. Read on to find out what you should expect when visiting these destinations. After you’ve read through the list, you’ll be ready to visit Finland! So, what should you do on your visit? We’ve compiled a few tips to make the most of your trip! Keep reading with Bubblonia!


1. Aland Islands

The Aland Islands are a region in the northeastern part of Finland. The archipelago has over six thousand islands, only about sixty of which are inhabited. Visiting the islands is one of the most popular activities in the region, and you can even try island-hopping. Maritime history buffs should also visit the Museumship Pommern, a restored four-masted merchant barque. Maritime Museum: This museum features exhibits from Viking history, as well as a pirate ship built during Finland’s former membership in Sweden.

Aland Islands

Savonlinna: This small town on a chain of islands in Lake Saimaa is the country’s capital city. It is home to the Olavinlinna Castle, which dates from the 15th century and still stands today. The castle is located in Savonlinna, which is also home to the Orthodox Museum and the Savonlinna Provincial Museum. The Aland Islands include Kerimaki, which has the largest wooden church in the world.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you should consider visiting the Oulu region, which is another great destination for those looking for a change of pace. The city is known for its beautiful winter scenery, and the Aland Islands are another excellent alternative to Helsinki. The largest ski resort in Finland is located in Rauma. In the heart of the country, you can also visit the capital city of Helsinki.

See more information about Aland Islands.

2. Archipelago National Park

In this archipelago national park, you can experience life like never before. You can walk, bike, and hike on the rocky beaches and see the unique birdlife that calls these islands home. Archipelago National Park is also a great place for diving and kayaking. Its location is close to Helsinki and offers good camping and hiking facilities. In summer, you can stay in a seasonal hostel on the island of Jussaro.

 Archipelago National Park

The archipelago’s natural beauty is the main draw for this destination. It’s one of the few places in the world that has so many diverse ecosystems. You can also go on a volunteer vacation and get free accommodation. You’ll meet amazing people, get to know locals, and learn about their country. The summer season also offers free membership for Worldpackers.

The northern lights – also called the aurora borealis – are a wonder of nature. The northern lights are visible all over Finland, but are best viewed in the north during clear winter nights. You can sign up for an aurora alert through the Finnish Meteorological Institute. You can also go to the Kilpisjarvi region, which is located in Lapland.

3. Helsinki

Helsinki is home to a stunning Central Park which spans ten kilometers from south to north and is filled with scenic spots. Enjoy jogging or cycling in the park and take in the breathtaking views of Helsinki’s skyline. In summer, you can relax and shop for souvenirs at the cathedral cafe. This charming place is well worth a visit. The city is rich in cultural traditions and is a great place to experience a taste of life in the Finnish capital.


Whether you’re traveling for a romantic getaway, an adventurous ski trip, or a family reunion, there’s no shortage of activities in Helsinki. The city is especially stunning in the summer and offers beautiful outdoor beaches, picturesque restaurant terraces, and a forest where you can pick berries or mushrooms. Even Bambi would approve of Helsinki’s beauty. If you’d like a taste of local life, consider renting a mokki (finnish country house) to enjoy nature at its finest. Take a rowboat ride, fish for trout, or even go cross country skiing!

Outside the city center, you’ll find the Helsinki Cathedral, with its impressive organ that features over 3,000 pipes. Moreover, the cathedral is a circular place of worship that merges manmade and natural beauty. During the winter, the chapel is open to the public for worship. It is an excellent place to reflect on your life and meditate. You can even try a yoga class here.

4. Oulu

Oulu is known as the Riviera of the North because of its cold climes. You can enjoy a day of skiing or snowboarding in the area’s many ski resorts. One of the most historic sites in Oulu is the market hall, which dates back to 1901 and serves as the city’s retail center. You can also find many handcraft stalls and boutique shops.


For a more affordable option, you may consider booking a dog sledding tour. Dog sledding safaris can cost as much as $120 for a two-hour tour. Reindeer safaris can cost $40-50. Museums and amusement parks are both expensive, but many activities are free. If you prefer to walk around the city, attend free events, or relax in the parks, there are plenty of free activities to enjoy in Finland.

For more culture, visit Oulu’s Oulu Botanical Gardens. The city’s largest botanical garden, it contains beautiful flowers from around the world. Sculptures are also prominent in Oulu. Visit the Oulu Art Museum, which has a gift shop and is located near the city center. It’s a short walk from the city center. It’s a lovely place to spend a day sightseeing.

5. Lapland

In addition to the eerie Northern Lights, Lapland is also home to Santa Claus. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the stunning Nordic woodland during autumn, the midnight sun during summer, and various Arctic activities in winter. There are a few things to do in Lapland that make it one of the top 101 beautiful places in Finland to visit. Let’s take a closer look.


If you’re looking for some unique activities in Lapland, consider going ice fishing. This ancient Finnish tradition can take up to six hours to complete. The scenery is stunning, and you can even get to stay overnight in a snow castle. Also, be sure to visit the famous SnowCastle and try your hand at arctic ice breaker cruising.

During winter, Lapland is home to the Turku Archipelago, a chain of over 20,000 islands. The region’s snow is pristine and snow-covered, and you can engage in a range of recreational activities in the area. For those interested in history, the area also has museums and art galleries, as well as a Moomin Valley Museum.

6. Porvoo

In addition to the mystical and beautiful scenery of the countryside, Porvoo also boasts a thriving arts scene. Its cultural center, The Art Factory, was originally a former industrial complex. Since spring 2012, it has been home to exhibitions, a concert venue, boutiques, and a restaurant known as Bistro Sinne. Visitors can enjoy the delicious cuisine of the city and linger over coffee and a pastry before heading back to Helsinki.

Porvoo is one of the oldest medieval towns in Finland and has a rich history of over 600 years. The city’s Cathedral houses tales of Russian and Danish invasions. If you’re looking for something to do in Porvoo, you might be interested in a museum dedicated to local history. If you like art and history, Porvoo is definitely worth a visit.

If you’re in the mood for hiking or biking, Porvoo is an ideal destination for a day trip. There are plenty of opportunities to take in the city’s culture and history. For a more active vacation, try kayaking or a canoe trip. There’s something for everyone in Porvoo, but don’t try this activity if you’re not yet familiar with the sport.

7. Tampere

The city of Tampere is a gem of Finland, with its Art Nouveau style buildings sitting alongside historic red-brick factories and churches. Its idyllic wooden houses are the perfect setting for an afternoon stroll, and the city’s central business district is alive with craft beer festivals, music festivals, and international food markets. There are also many summer theater productions to catch, too!


The city is home to the Meteoriitti observatory, which is a replica of a giant meteor that crashed 500 million years ago. You can also visit a museum with stories dating back to the Stone Age. There’s also a market square where you can sample some authentic Finnish cuisine or purchase some of the famous products produced in the city. You can spend hours exploring the city’s many sights, while eating delicious treats and enjoying a tasty meal.

For those who are driving to the city, public transportation is easy to access. The city has well-maintained roads, making them safe and convenient for anyone who wishes to explore it. However, the roads can be slippery at times, so take caution. If you do decide to drive in Tampere, keep in mind that there are moose warning signs along the road. You can also check out the country’s strict alcohol laws if you suspect a drunk driver. For those who are not comfortable with driving, car rental companies have offices in Tampere.


We hope you will love the beautiful places in Finland. Wish you and your family will have a fun and meaningful trip to Finland. What are you waiting for? Follow Bubblonia for more information.

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