Best Restaurants in Switzerland

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Switzerland

Did you know Switzerland is home to some of the best restaurants in the world? You can search for delicacies in Geneva Switzerland, Bern Switzerland, Zurich Switzerland, etc. A great restaurant is not only great because it has one or two world-class chefs. Instead, the service and experience that guests receive when they go to these restaurants make them great. Let’s refer to the 10 best restaurants in Switzerland through the article below!

Haus Hiltl – Zürich

In 2015, Rolf Margrith opened Haus Hiltl and the Hiltl Academy, where you can learn how to make vegetarian food at home. The chef’s vegetarian dishes are inspired by Indian and South American cuisines, and you can purchase many of his cookbooks at the Hiltl Academy. You can also try his vegetarian ‘butcher’ next door, where you can buy vegan meats and vegetarian cheeses. The restaurant also hosts weekly club nights featuring DJs. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try the banana madras – a vegan dish containing mango and cashews.

Best Restaurants in Switzerland

The historic heart of Zurich is home to Haus Hiltl, a vegetarian restaurant with a rich and surprisingly modern menu. The restaurant’s interior is bright and airy, and the menu includes more than 100 dishes, including vegan and vegetarian favorites. It’s no surprise that the restaurant is a perennial favorite of locals and tourists alike. You can’t go wrong with its buffet – you’ll be able to find a dish for every taste and dietary preference.

Le Chat Botté – Genève

Chef Dominique Gauthier, of the Le Chat Botté restaurant in Geneva, commissioned a reportage photography shoot to celebrate his creations. His work was used for a reportage in the Swiss art magazine CIGARS. The photos highlight the chef’s twelve signatures , as well as his work in the kitchen. They will make you want to dine at this restaurant and taste all of the dishes.

The ambiance is warm and inviting, and the service is courteous and professional. Prices are reasonable, too. This upscale restaurant is recognized by the Michelin guide for its excellent cuisine. We had a very good meal at Le Chat Botté, and will definitely go back for another visit. This is an excellent choice for a special occasion, because it is centrally located. If you’re in the area, you’ll find it easy to find parking and access to public transportation.

Located in the hotel Beau Rivage, Le Chat Botte features seasonal menus that highlight the day’s inspiration. You can choose entree, main course, and dessert from the a la carte menu, or sit at the table of the chef for a more intimate meal. There are even special dinners that feature the chef’s table. The chef’s creative food is sure to impress. There’s something for everyone.

Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville de Crissier – Criss

The Restaurant de l’Hôtel-de-Ville de Crissier is a fine dining experience that combines the refined taste of French with the historical architecture of the town. This historic building is now a refined dining spot serving fine seasonal cuisine. The restaurant is located in the former city hall. Distinguished is open for dinner and lunch. The chef, David Dubuc, specializes in French regional street food.

The restaurant has three Michelin stars and 19/20 points in Gault-Millau. The restaurant opened in 1965 and received its third Michelin star under chef Fredy Girardet. After Philippe Rochat retired, the restaurant continued to be a Michelin star winner. In December 2015, it was named the number one restaurant in Switzerland. After achieving Michelin star status, the restaurant has become an international reference for fine dining.

The Hotel de Ville has a rich history of excellence in its cuisine. After founding the restaurant in 1953, it became Switzerland’s premier restaurant under the direction of Fredy Girardet. After his death in January 2016, the restaurant was taken over by Franck Giovannini, who worked under Benoit Violier for over 16 years. This illustrious culinary tradition is reflected in the gastronomic achievements of the restaurant.

Le Tsé Fung – Bellevue

Located on the lower level of the hotel, this restaurant offers several prix-fixe dinners and dim sum a la carte. You can choose from two styles of Peking duck to accompany your meal. You’ll love the warm atmosphere and exquisite food, and you’ll want to come back again to eat.

If you’re in the mood for authentic Cantonese cuisine, this is the place to go. It’s a charming, elegant place to spend a romantic evening, and you can eat a sumptuous breakfast before you decide on a romantic dinner with your significant other. It features a mix of local delicacies and dishes prepared by Michelin-starred chefs.

Cheval Blanc – Basel

Situated in the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel, Switzerland, Cheval Blanc is one of the best restaurants in Switzerland. With three Michelin stars, this restaurant boasts impeccable standards and an atmosphere worthy of the country’s top culinary cities. The elegant dining room boasts dramatic chandeliers and stucco ceilings. With a capacity of 30 guests, it serves classical and contemporary cuisine in an elegant setting. Diners can opt for it to be fixed or the multi-course tasting menu.

The Cheval Blanc is a three-star restaurant located on the banks of the famous Rhine. The cuisine is diverse, with dishes from across the globe being served. The chef, Tanja Grandits, uses the best basic products, herbs and spices to create a distinctive style that is consistent throughout the restaurant. Guests enjoy the world of colors, flavors, and freshness at this prestigious establishment.

Auberge des 3 Tilleuls – Genolier

The modern cuisine at L’Auberge aux 3 Tilleuls – Genolier draws inspiration from exotic and traditional cuisines. Choose from a midi menu which features salad, entree and dessert. Then, choose from a variety of other options from a la carte. You can even enjoy a meal on a budget by opting for a few courses.

The ambiance of Auberge des 3 Tilleuls is warm and inviting. The staff speaks English, French and Italian. The restaurant offers free parking. Reservations are accepted. You can book a table in advance by calling the restaurant. You can also make a reservation online or by calling the restaurant. The service is excellent, and you’ll leave satisfied. 

Chez Vrony – Zermatt

Located near the sixth blue slope, Chez Vrony has a long and distinguished history. The original building dates back over a century, but the current hotel and restaurant have expanded and modernized to suit the changing needs of skiers and snowboarders. Guests can dine in one of two dining rooms or on the large terrace overlooking the mountain. Non-skiers can enjoy a lunchtime snack or a light dinner on the terrace, which also serves a tasty lunch menu.

Chez Vrony specializes in serving organic home-grown produce, including dairy and meat from livestock fed on alpine grass. The menu features dishes based on traditional recipes and techniques that have been handed down through the generations. The friendly, personal service and natural cuisine at this cozy restaurant are sure to delight your palate. And because it’s located in a traditional mountain farmhouse, the staff is particularly warm and welcoming.

Le Chat-Botté – Geneva

Located in the beautiful Beau-Rivage Hotel, this elegant restaurant offers carefully prepared dishes that will leave you wanting more. Guests at this establishment will appreciate the elegant decor and excellent service. The restaurant’s menu is a perfect combination of French and Swiss specialties. The restaurant features a prestigious wine list, which makes it an ideal location for a romantic evening.

One of the reasons that the city has a great restaurant scene is its proximity to France. The country is just a boule’s throw from France, so the dining scene has long been elegant and formal. Those who want to dine like the French would want to visit the city’s fine-dining venues, where tables are adorned with white tablecloths and silver service and waiters seated with attentive service.

One of the most prestigious restaurants in Geneva is Le Chat-Botte. Le Chat-Botte’s chef Dominique Gauthier, a former Beau-Rivage chef, serves modern French fare. The menu is refined and focuses on the experience for the diner. There is an extensive wine list and a terrace that faces Lake Geneva. Even if you don’t want to dine under the stars, you can enjoy the views of Lake Geneva.

Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville de Crissier

The former city hall now houses the renowned Distinguished restaurant. The menu highlights refined seasonal cuisine. The setting is truly impressive. You’ll adore the view from the rooftop terrace and enjoy the views of the countryside. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the ambiance is a charming and romantic touch. A perfect setting for a romantic dinner. The Distinguished restaurant is a must visit.

The Hotel de Ville de Crissier is the most expensive three-star in Switzerland, though it is comparable to a top Parisian restaurant. A ten-course gastronomic tasting menu costs 390 CHF, and includes no additional supplements. There’s no shortage of luxurious ingredients, either. The restaurant has also created a discovery menu for those seeking a cheaper option. The eight-course menu features dishes such as a plate of lamb from the Plateau d’Albion served with violet de Provence artichokes and Nyons olives.

Tips for choosing restaurants in Switzerland

Many Swiss hotels don’t have mini-fridges. For a quick bite in a hurry, consider a self-service cafe or grocery store. These establishments feature salad buffets, sandwiches, hot dishes, and snacks, all for relatively cheap prices. Just be careful not to over-tip on salads, as the Swiss are notoriously cheap! To avoid getting stuck with too much salad or bread, ask your host or waiter if you can purchase it from the supermarket.

Swiss restaurants don’t require gratuities. Although it is customary to tip at restaurants, it is not a cultural norm. Tipping in Switzerland is only expected if you receive exceptional service. You can avoid the issue by simply not tipping. You’ll research that cash is much more accepted than credit cards in Switzerland. You’ll also want to be sure to leave enough change for tipping, as Swiss restaurants usually don’t accept credit cards.

Food prices

While most countries in Europe have expensive food, Switzerland’s prices are truly insane. Even a carton of milk costs more than $1 USD, while a popular yellow cheese costs almost as much – around 26 USD. A tall (small) latte can set you back more than $2.95, and you’ll have to pay top dollar for it. However, it is well worth it if you want to taste the delicious food that Switzerland has to offer.

The price of a sandwich or combo meal at a fast-food restaurant in Zurich can easily hit the CHF 20 mark. Alternatively, you can purchase cheap produce from markets and cook your own lunch. If you want to save even more money, consider purchasing the basics from a market. You can also find food recommendations in the Lonely Planet guide. The Lonely Planet’s Switzerland guide is a good source of restaurant suggestions.


If you’re looking for a special banquet while in Switzerland, try one of its most popular cuisines – Swiss cheese fondue. Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll smell a potent cheese aroma. The friendly waiters at the Switzerland Cafe will even advise you on how to eat the cheese fondue! The menu here features a variety of dishes, including smoked salmon BLT.

Food safety

A study of food safety in the top ten Swiss restaurants found that managers with a formal culinary education and training were more likely to understand and apply food safety practices. The questionnaires were divided into six sections, including risk perception, food handling practices, temperature control, microorganisms and pests, personnel hygiene, facilities, and demographics. The questionnaires were given only to those restaurants with informed consent and did not require pre-conditions.

Food safety is a vital concern to modern man. In fact, it causes more than 200 preventable diseases worldwide, including many types of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Foodborne illnesses are the leading cause of death and illness in both children and adults, and one in every ten people will contract some sort of food-borne disease in their lifetime. As a result, the industry has become increasingly regulated in order to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses.

This ranking is based on our own understanding and research. No uniform rating scheme is followed. However, Bubblonia believes that these suggestions for the Top 10 best restaurants in Switzerland will help you have a good travel.

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