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Top 8 Unique Festivals In Switzerland

Every year, holidays in Switzerland will be dedicated to the celebration of festivals. Traditional festivals such as jazz festival, hot air balloon festival,… are often held in geneva or swiss alps. Let’s find out 8 famous festivals in Switzerland through the article below.

World Snow Festival


The World Snow festival takes place in Grindelwald, located in the Bernese Alps, and is a classic winter sport in Switzerland. Whether you are into opera or street artists, Switzerland has something for everyone. Grindelwald’s World Snow Festival is an annual winter festival that celebrates both ice and art.

Interlaken’s Gauklerfest takes place over three days during the end of July. The festival features street performers in all manner of acts. It attracts more than 15,000 people each year and remains the most popular family festival in Switzerland. After all, it is not a winter festival if it doesn’t include a snow globe. It is one of the top 10 unique festivals in Switzerland that you should experience



Sechseläuten is a traditional Swiss festival that celebrates the end of winter. It involves the burning of a snowman effigy to hasten the onset of spring. In this festival, 25 guilds of Zurich take part in a parade and many of the participants don traditional costumes to celebrate the festival. The fisherman’s guild is known for throwing dead fish into the crowd during the parade.

If you are a foodie, the Sechseläuten festival is worth a visit. This festival is based on a popular children’s book, and is the perfect place to sample traditional Swiss cooking. While the festival may seem bizarre to an outsider, the Swiss take pride in their food and drink. You’ll be able to find over 100 cooking events throughout the city. If you’re looking for a culinary adventure, take a guided tour of the city’s food scene.

Basler Fasnacht


If you have not experienced Fasnacht, you must. The festival is held in the old town of Basle and officially begins at 4am. As night falls, the lights of the Old Town are replaced by the glow of Cliques lanterns. In the city center, drummers perform the traditional marching tune known as Morgestraich. It is an archaic version of the national anthem, and it is a must-experience event.

You cannot miss the Morgestraich, a colorful procession that begins on Morgenstreich and continues until the next day at 4am. The area is a party zone for the three-day celebration. It is advisable to get a good view of the parade from the Marktplatz or Barfusserplatz. If you are looking for a vantage point, you can also climb up the hill to see the parade. The singers come in groups of two, one person sings a verse in Swiss German and the other sings an accompanying illustration.

Alpabfahrt Désalpe


If you’re looking for a truly unique festival in Switzerland, Alpabfahrt Désalpe should be on your list. This festival commemorates the return of cows from the high Alpine pastures to the lowlands, where they produce milk and cheese with a distinctive flavor. As a festival, Alpabfahrt is a unique and colorful experience, and it’s a must for any traveler to the country.

You’ll also find an assortment of traditional cow events in eastern Switzerland, including the famous Alpabfahrt Désalpe in Charmey. This festival takes place in idyllic settings and features traditional dancing, bell-bonging, flag-throwing, and alpenhorns. Watch videos of the festivities to get a taste of what it’s like to celebrate with the cows.

Autumn Festival


If you’re planning to visit Switzerland during the autumn, it’s worth considering the transition period from the snow-covered mountains to the warmer weather. By mid-March, you can still go skiing, although it will likely be less crowded than during the winter months. In addition, you can still take advantage of the comparatively milder temperatures and enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking trails and sightseeing.

In Ticino, the autumnal market takes center stage. Onions play a key role here as farmers sell as many as ten tons of the vegetable at this annual event. Basel is home to the largest carnival in the country and locals claim the three days of this are the best ones. While you’re there, make sure to try the local cuisine at these delicious food markets.

International Hot Air Balloon Festival


To experience this festival, make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time. There are balloons launching from the field each Saturday and Sunday. The festival has around sixty to 70 balloons, but not all of them are flying every day. The most memorable time to view the balloons is during mass ascensions on weekends. You can also check out the local art and culture, like the medieval church.

Before you go, make sure to pack the appropriate clothes for the weather. Dress warmly to avoid freezing, and make sure to bring along waterproof shoes. If you want to take pictures of the festival, pack your camera, extra batteries, and a portable charger for your camera. And of course, remember your passport. Remember that Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, and Italian. While these languages may be the most common, many people speak both French and German as well.

Fête de L’Escalade


A wintertime tradition, the Fete de L’Escalade takes place on the closest weekend to the 11th of December. This year, the festival is being held December 8-10, with the Escalade Run taking place the weekend before. You can take part in this fun-filled event by wearing your most colorful costume and smashing a chocolate pot. The name derives from a local legend where a woman poured hot soup on an intruder.

The Fête de L’Escalade is held in Geneva every December and commemorates the city’s defense against an attack by the Catholic Duchy of Savoy in 1602. The Duke of Savoy sent troops to attack Geneva, and a city wall was built to block the invading army. This attack was repulsed, and the citizens of the city celebrated by climbing it in celebration. The escalade is celebrated with torchlight processions, historical re-enactments, and folk music and dance.

Interlaken Classic Music Festival

interlaken -classic-music-festival

Among the most popular festivals in Switzerland, the Interlaken Classic Music Festival draws a crowd from all over the world. This three-day festival draws street performers from all over the world, including jugglers, contortionists, and all-round performers. It’s a fantastic, unique open-air festival that you and your friends will want to attend.

This music festival is held every year in Zermatt, and is the only one of its kind in Europe. With more than two hundred acts, it has attracted 30,000 jazz lovers to its small village. Unlike other festivals, this one celebrates music from all over the world. Aside from classical music, you’ll also find hip-hop, electronic, and rock stars.

Zurich Festival


The Zurich Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Switzerland. It draws about two million people over the first weekend of August. It blends classical music, dance, theater, and other arts and crafts, and features many of the city’s cultural institutions. There are also food stalls and musical fireworks that make the festival a must-attend event. You can spend all day listening to a performance, then head out to a party that features live music, a carnival atmosphere, and a variety of events.

This festival is known for its musical performances, including the renowned Gauklerfest. Thousands of people dress up in costumes to watch this festival, and the streets are lined with food vendors and other entertainment. Buskers give grand performances and there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. There are also performances by the local musicians and artists. In addition to the festival’s musical offerings, there are food and drinks galore, and the city’s historic buildings are illuminated with colorful floats and carnival games.

Why should you choose the festival season to travel to Switzerland?

The summer season in Switzerland is beautiful and sunny, making it an ideal time to travel there. Prices can get expensive, especially if you plan to stay in the mountains, but booking in advance can save you money. The country is host to some of the most popular festivals and art events. For example, in May you can attend the Paleo festival in Nyon, the largest open-air music festival in Europe, the Montreux Jazz Festival, or Street Parade, the world’s largest techno party.

In late spring, the Alpine slopes are covered with flowers. This is a great time for hiking or other outdoor activities, and temperatures are comfortable. During this time, the crowds of summer and winter have disappeared and the weather is warm enough to be enjoyable without causing discomfort. You may even find discounted activities and accommodations during this time! It’s the best time to travel to Switzerland for these reasons!

Try it once at the celebrated festivals in Switzerland every year. Bubblonia believes you will love them.

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