Top 12 Foods to Try in Switzerland

If you want to experience the real taste of Switzerland, you should try some famous Swiss. The country is known to have the best street food, cuisine, traditional food and is home to more than four hundred kinds of cheese. Here are the top 12 foods to try in Switzerland while you’re visit here. Weigh in on our recommendations, and get excited to try them all!

Cheese Fondue


If you’re looking for some authentic Swiss food, you may want to try Cheese Fondue. This traditional Swiss dish is wildly popular in Switzerland, but it’s not a cliché – you’ll find variations of this dish in various regions of the country. Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy your fondue experience. Enjoy! First, be sure to know how to make a proper cheese fondue.

If you’re traveling with kids, you might want to avoid the chocolate fondue. Raclette is another one of the top 15 foods to try in Switzerland. Raclette is a delicious Swiss cheese dish that is typically made in communal pots. It’s also common in many ski stations and regional events. As for the drinks, you’ll want to drink something acidic to wash it down.



One of Switzerland’s most famous foods is raclette. The melted cheese is served in a communal pot on the table, surrounded by vegetables, pickles, and bread. Modern Swiss homes have raclette machines. Raclette lovers swarm around these machines for hours. The delicious dish goes well with local Fendant wine. Raclette is an ideal dish to share with friends.

The roasted flavor of this cheese has made raclette one of the top 15 foods to try in the country. It’s a staple street food in the country, so don’t skip it. You won’t regret it! Raclette is one of the top 15 foods to try in Switzerland. In addition to the cheese, Raclette is a perfect dessert! Whether you’re craving a classic French pastry or a decadent dessert, you’ll want to try it!



If you are planning a vacation to Switzerland, you may be wondering what to eat in this beautiful country. Bratwurst is a traditional German sausage made from pork, beef, or veal. The word bratwurst comes from two German words meaning “finely sliced meat.” The dish originated in eastern Switzerland, where it was popularly known as “St. Gallen bratwurst.” It’s served on the street, in restaurants, and even on the train.

In addition to the famous cheese and chocolates, Swiss cuisine also features some delicious desserts. A romantic dinner on a Swiss mountaintop is often the highlight of a honeymoon in Switzerland, with romantic rides, fatty cheese, and a decadent chocolate. Here are 15 foods to try while you’re in Switzerland:



Alplermagronen is a dish that is very similar to a Swiss version of Mac & Cheese. Instead of using the usual cheese and milk, Swiss farmers add potatoes and carrots to make this delicious dish. The result is a hearty meal that tastes great and has a unique flavor. Here are 15 of the top foods to try in Switzerland:

Swiss alplermagronen is a staple of the Swiss diet. It’s a mac and cheese made with macaroni and gruyere cheese and served with applesauce. Zürcher Geschnetzelte, another classic Zurich ragout, is made with forest mushrooms and served over a crispy potato rosti. This dish is not diet friendly, but it’s sure to warm you up!



One of the most popular dishes to try in Switzerland is Tartiflette, a pie filled with Reblochon cheese and potatoes. It is traditionally served with a main course, such as a steak or a lamb shank. The dish originated in the French-Swiss border region of Haute-Savoie, and is a staple of Alpine ski resorts. To prepare the tartiflette, all you need is potatoes, caramelized onions, and smoky bacon.

The country is famous for its cheeses, and many of its dishes are topped with it. While fondue is typically served during the winter, you can enjoy it any time of year with a glass of red wine, or one of the popular teas. There are also many other unique foods to try in Switzerland. The list below features a few of the best foods to try during your trip.



Whether you’re traveling to Switzerland or just visiting for the first time, you’ll want to sample the local cuisine. While Americans have gotten used to fast-food restaurants and the occasional hamburger, Europeans have a distinct culture when it comes to food, and Switzerland is no exception. In addition to fondue and steak, Swiss cuisine boasts some traditional culture, including röstis made from potatoes and onions.

A traditional Swiss rostis is made from roasted leeks in a savory onion-tinged sauce. It’s traditionally eaten by the slice, accompanied by a cup of hot tea. The crimson-red, plump sausage is the signature of this nation. You can even find a restaurant in Switzerland that serves Röstis in the name of its city!

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, rostis will make a memorable meal. Originally eaten as a cheap breakfast by farmers in Bern, rosti is now popular  all over the world. The container is a hearty food with a fried egg or bacon. If you’re a big fan of rosti, head over to the Wirtshaus Taube in Lucerne to taste the best rosti.

What foods should you eat in Switzerland? Here is our list of top choices. From cheese to pâté, from Swiss chocolate to La Salée au Sucre, Switzerland has something for everyone. We hope that these food selections will give you a taste of the best that Swiss has to offer. And don’t forget to try the saffron! The dark red saffron is often called red gold.

Pâté Vaudois


If you are interested in discovering traditional Swiss, you should make a point of tasting Papet Vaudois. This translates to mashed leeks and potatoes, a staple of the country’s cuisine. It is often stewed for hours and is then delivered with a crimson sausage. It is an extremely delicious foods to try in Switzerland.

Swiss cuisine is heavily influenced by French cuisines, so you should expect to sample a lot of cheese and meat dishes while you’re here. In fact, cheese and meat are some of the most popular foods in Switzerland. You should also try Engadine nut tart, which is a soft pastry topped with a caramelized walnut filling.

If you’re looking for something a bit more hearty, consider trying Swiss cheese bread. This country-style bread is dipped in melted cheeses, and then baked over an open flame. Pair it with schnapps, or tea to really enjoy this special. Unlike the cheese breads from other parts of the world, this dish is only found in Switzerland.

Swiss Chocolate


Traveling to Switzerland? Make sure to try the top 15 food items while there! The Swiss are world-renowned for their dairy products, including Swiss chocolate. Although you might think Swiss food is bland, Switzerland has some of the best dairy products. These top 15 foods will make your trip to Switzerland a memorable one! Check out these local favorites! You will be glad you did! Then, get ready to eat!

Swiss cuisine combines European and central European influences. You’ll find hearty pastries and organic meats to tantalize even the most casual foodie. Of course, Swiss chocolate is one of the most well-known food items, but don’t limit yourself to the fondue and chocolate bars. There’s something for every taste in Switzerland. Take this culinary tour to discover the best food and drink in Switzerland!

La Salée au Sucre


Probably one of the most yummy desserts in Switzerland is the Pain de Sucre. Made from a blend of amber rum, Madagascar vanilla cream, and baobab soaked in syrup, this dessert is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. The dessert has become a national treasure, and even the vineyards of Vaudois are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Swiss have a penchant for eating cheese. From cheese fondue to raclette, cheese is used in almost everything, from breakfast to dessert. Cheese is used to cook a range of different pitchers, and some of the best Swiss food is even cooked inside of cheese. This is how the Swiss keep the perfect balance of flavors and textures in their gout food. It’s not just desserts that are palatables in Switzerland, though.



The Swiss are renowned for their gastronomy, and one of the most iconic is the drink called Rivella. This carbonated milk drink is similar to soda, but made with whey, and comes in many flavors. The most famous is the Red Rivella, but you can find it in other colors, too. If you visit Switzerland, make sure to try it! It’s definitely a treat for your taste buds!

 A great choice for travelers to Geneva is the Chasselas white wine. If you want to learn more about Swiss wine, you can take a tour of some of the local wine cellars. Afterward, try a taste of the wines. Some cellars even offer tastings, so you can taste some local favorites.

Basler Leckerli


Swiss cuisine is renowned for its many local specialties, including Basler Leckerli. These biscuits are made with almonds, hazelnuts, and honey. They’re also flavored with Kirsch, a distilled cherry drink. While you’re in Switzerland, make sure you try Basler Leckerli! 

Another traditional Swiss treat is Basler Leckerli, a gingerbread square topped with powdered sugar. It’s a much different treat than spice breads! You’ll find Leckerli in bakeries across; they’re also great with a glass of chocolate milk. Let’s take a closer look at this sweet treat. It’s perfect for the holiday season!



The most famous street food in Switzerland is fondue. This cheese is supplied over an open flame and is often eaten with bread or fruit. It’s considered a staple food during the cold winter months and is the perfect pick-me-up food. It’s available in supermarkets, restaurants, and street carts all over Switzerland. Here are the top 15 foods to try in Switzerland.

One of the most delicious sweet desserts in Switzerland is nut tarts. Made from shortcrust pastry, Nusstorte is filled with caramelized sugar, cream, and walnuts. It is usually made by a local bakery, but you can try any version you like. The pastry is a buttery, chewy treat that tastes like it melts in your mouth. Nusstorte is a Christmas essential. Try one at Hanselmann’s cafe in St Moritz, or other bakeries in Switzerland.

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