10+ Korean Bag Brands You Should Be Sporting Right Now

Popular Korean bag brands often revolve around designs such as: leather bags, shoulder bags, bucket bags, sling bags and crossbody bags. Korean style bags usually have bright colors according to the pastel palette. Listed below are some of the best brands from Korea to look out for:

The most popular Korean bag models in 2022

Alice Martha was established in January 2014. Its founder, Kwak Chang-hoon, spent more than 15 years working in the fashion industry. During this time, he visited many factories and honed his fashion style. The idea of opening a bag store came to him, and he decided to make apparel bags as well. He has a separate product design team. The result is an impressive line of bags that are both functional and stylish.

The HAUT Collection has produced several fashionable bags with a wide range of prints and patterns. The Dama Clutch Bag is perhaps the most iconic model, and it can be purchased from 2MASON (taeheung). These bags can be carried on their shoulder or worn on the shoulder to carry small items. The versatile design makes it the ideal everyday purse for most women. The bag can be used for work or play, and it will add an air of sophistication to any outfit.

Find Kapoor is another Korean brand with bags that look more like art than a bag. Their unique designs incorporate both traditional and modern elements to create a piece of art. They experiment with colors and patterns to create a unique style for women who like to stay ahead of the fashion curve. The bags are unconventional masterpieces fit for the modern woman. And, they are affordable. They are among the most popular bags in the world.



MARHEN.J is one of the newest Korean bag brands to hit the scene. The brand is known for its contemporary, urban style, and the name comes from a Spanish word meaning “calm.” The bags are made of vegan leather, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your individual taste. They are both functional and stylish, making them the perfect companions for your everyday life.

MARHEN.J offers a range of canvas tote bags and Jenny leather tote bags. The Ricky canvas tote is one of the brand’s most popular designs, boasting strong, classic structure and black and white pairing. Besides being stylish, it’s also cruelty-free, made with premium synthetic leather manufacturing technology. The brand also sells a petite version of its Ricky bag.

Founded in January 2014, Alice Martha is another Korean bag brand that is relatively new in the market. Founder Kwak Chang-hoon started as a salesman in a fashion store. During his 15 years in the fashion industry, he had visited various factories and developed his own fashion style. After a year or two in the business, Kwak Chang-hoon decided to open his own bag store and began producing apparel bags. The company also has a separate product design team.

Find Kapoor


If you’re looking for a new Korean bag brand to add to your collection, consider Look Kapoor. Created with the concept of fashion incorporating fine arts, Find Kapoor bags feature unique colors and trendsetting designs. As one of the most popular Korean bag brands, the brand has become a popular choice for celebrities and everyday wearers alike. Famous brand ambassadors include Girls’ Generation members Sooyoung and HyunA, as well as the Korean model Irene Kim. These bags are not only affordable, but they’re incredibly stylish.

Another brand worth considering is Lucky Pleats. This South Korean bag brand produces a wide range of styles in leather and cloth, and has a very affordable price point. The founders have extensive experience in the fashion industry, and they are responsible for creating the famous half-moon bag, which is a perfect summertime companion for all occasions. You’ll also find other Korean handbags in their collection.

Joy Gryson


Known for their premium quality women’s handbags, Joy Gryson has established itself as one of the best in the industry. Their bags are handcrafted with genuine leather and canvas, exuding an air of elegance and style. Many of the top celebrities in the fashion world carry them, including actress Han So Hee, who often appears with hers in K-dramas such as True Beauty.

Han Suxi’s co-ord set was the perfect complement to the Joy Gryson handbag she carries. The bag’s chunky tortoiseshell chain strap perfectly complements the soft, buttery cream leather of her co-ord set. Another Korean brand that’s gaining in popularity is Playnomore, whose stylish handbags are fashioned from textured midnight blue material with chunky chain detailing.

Stretch Angels


Among the many Korean brands of bags, Stretch Angels has quickly become a household name. These handbags are popular among K-pop idols, as they are both stylish and practical. Han SeungWoo from X1 has been spotted with two different styles of bags. They are not just for girls, though. K-pop stars like A-Ha, BTOB and X-Men also wear Stretch Angels bags.

The company’s retail space is designed with fun themes that relate to air travel, sports, and holidays. While it’s hard to believe, an entire runway is dedicated to the travel and lifestyle industries. The space is decorated with bright and funky furnishings, including a pilates area covered in red velvet and a faux swimming pool. In addition to bags, you’ll find apparel and accessories by the Korean brand. Whether you’re a K-pop fan or just an avid traveler, you can’t miss Stretch Angels’ stylish bags.

The STRETCH ANGELS store opened in Seoul earlier this year, a prime location for shopping and dining. It offers a diverse range of offerings and a plethora of restaurants and shopping spots. The brand is also known for designing clothing and accessories with a particular style in mind. The company’s line of bags and accessories is particularly colorful and fun. Many pieces come with a unique style, and the bags are also extremely functional.

Alice Martha


If you’re looking for the latest trends in handbag design, look no further than the Alice Martha brand. The brand specializes in creating functional and special handbags. Alice Martha strives to make their designs more innovative and more affordable than ever before. From its minimalist design to its simple and elegant style, the Alice Martha brand is sure to appeal to every type of woman. It’s even spotted on K-Pop idols!

Marymond Dianthus Violet Tote Bag is another item available from MARYMOND. Featuring the Dianthus flower, this bag is the perfect accessory for a night out with your lover. Alternatively, you can purchase the Marymond Magnolia Brown Backpack. Other South Korean bag brands include HAUT Collection and MARHEN.J. Unlike most designers, MARHEN.J uses eco-friendly materials when making their handbags. This includes waterproof canvas fabric, which is a popular choice among young people everywhere.

Entre Rêves


When you want to add a bit of flair to your wardrobe, consider one of the many Korean bag brands available. The popular Entre Rêves brand is known for its colorful, holographic backpacks. The designs are often made with neon hues and are custom-designed. This brand is particularly popular among women, who love to carry their bags on the go. It has a loyal following worldwide and has a wide range of styles to choose from.

This brand started in January 2014. The owner, Kwak Chang-hoon, has more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry and has toured various factories and developed his own fashion sense. He was inspired to open his own bag shop and came up with the idea to make apparel bags. Alice Martha uses a separate design team to create each handbag. The results are unique, original masterpieces for modern women.



If you’re looking for an amazing backpack to take on your next trip, consider buying a Bubilian bag. These Korean backpacks have a stylish unisex design and cater to a wide range of tastes. Choose between a sturdily built bag for a road trip or a cheerful backpack for school. Whatever your need, Bubilian is sure to have something for you.

Bubilian bags are available worldwide, from Hong Kong to Vietnam. If you live in one of the countries, or even if you want to visit them, you can check out their website and purchase them. You can also use Ubuy to purchase Bubilian products for a lower price. Ubuy ships products from 7 warehouses worldwide, and offers discount prices. The company also has an Influencer Program whereby you can earn money by promoting their products through social media and sharing your photos.



One of the most successful Korean bag brands Marymond draws inspiration from flowers and donates half of its profits to shelters for military sex slaves. The company also produces phone cases, beddings, and skincare products. Marymond’s founder, 31-year-old Yoon Hong-jo, met comfort women when he visited the House of Sharing. He saw some artworks of flowers that were pressed on paper. Yoon then adapted these designs into phone cases.

If you’re looking for a bag that will stand out from the crowd, then Marymond’s Dianthus Violet Tote Bag might be a good option. It features full-bloomed Dianthus flowers and looks perfect with denims and a maxi dress. The Dianthus Violet Tote is also available at the Korean brand. Marymond also produces the Magnolia Brown Backpack and HAUT Collection, which takes inspiration from the 19th century Korean Joseon Dynasty.

HAUT Collection


The HAUT Collection Korean bag brands take their inspiration from the Joseon Dynasty of 19th century Korea. They feature colorful prints, elaborate patterned motifs, and contrasting materials, such as leather. The Dama Clutch Bag, for example, is an iconic piece that looks great with every outfit. Its slim silhouette makes it perfect for carrying small items. The brand is based in Seoul, but its products are sold worldwide.

MARHEN.J is another Korean bag brand that has gained international acclaim in recent years. Founded in 2015 by designer Hyun Hee MaRHEN.J, the brand takes environmental sustainability seriously and makes use of organic materials. Its signature Amuse Bag comes in a variety of colors and features a wide variety of Mutemuse designer artwork. This versatile shoulder bag works with both casual and formal outfits.



Donkie Korean is the original brand of a professional bag manufacturer in Korea, offering quality bags at affordable prices. The brand’s models are all hand-made in Korea, and include the iconic square bag with an elegant clam shell shape and small built-in pocket. The bags are available in different colors and materials and can be customized to fit your needs. This brand also produces bags for women. Its mission is to give women the freedom to express themselves while looking great.

Donkie Korean Bag Brands has an array of fashionable styles that will suit most tastes and occasions. They are available in a wide range of materials, and their unique designs are often a work of art in themselves. Donkie Korean Bag Brands are known for their unique and original designs, combining trendy and classic elements. The brand is known for experimenting with color and pattern combinations to create bags that are unmistakable masterpieces for modern women.

Criteria for choosing Korean bag brands

The popularity of Korean handbags is not only because of their unique designs but also because of their affordable price tags. Depending on the size and quality, a leather handbag can set you back several hundred thousand won, but a canvas or imitation leather handbag is well under 200,000 won. In addition to these reasons, some Korean brands are gaining worldwide recognition for their high quality and unique designs.

Average price per bag

The average price of a Korean bag ranges between 50,000 and 150,000 won. The quality and design of these bags is second to none, and the prices are reasonably priced for a Korean bag. However, buying them in Korea requires a bit of time, patience, and trust in online descriptions. The prices of bags vary from one brand to another, so you’ll probably need help navigating the market. If you’re not familiar with Korean brands, it’s probably best to buy your bag online, since offline stores simply can’t compete with the quality and variety of online stores.

Quality of sewing materials

The quality of sewing materials in Korean bag brands varies widely, as each brand produces different handbags with various designs and colors. Alice Martha, for example, has partnered with factories to produce its handbags with high quality sewing materials. They also make them very affordable, starting at 49,000 won. Young consumers can afford them, and many of their designs are updated each season. In addition, Alice Martha offers free after-sales service, which contributes to the brand’s rapid growth in the Korean market.

Matching colors

The latest Korean fashion trend is all about going back to basics. This means clean lines and solid colors. Alice Martha handbags are the perfect way to mix and match different prints. They’ve even been seen on K-Pop idols! This brand has become a staple of Korean fashion, and they’re also great for the budget-conscious. If you’re in the market for a new bag, be sure to check out these brands and their designs.

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