Will Turner Costume Idea

Make Your Own Will Turner Costume DIY

Will Turner Costume DIY, you can have more ideas to make a costume for yourself. Keep reading for more detail!

About Will Turner

Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) barely remembers his father, the infamous Bootstrap Bill, but when it comes to the pirate’s life, the young blacksmith’s memory is well refreshed by a life-changing encounter with Captain Jack Sparrow. (You’ve heard of him, haven’t you?) Although his beating heart is in a locked box after the events of At World’s End, it really belongs to Turner’s mistress turned wife, Elizabeth Swan.

Will Turner Costume Idea

For this coat, traced the outline of my coat for my Elizabeth Swan costume. This material was originally a Goodwill trench coat. I had bought a shirt to try on, but it didn’t work out well. I had to remove the collar, sleeves and top and bottom pockets, this was very difficult, and if I had more time and money I would have just started from scratch with regular fabric.

The most important part of this homemade Will Turner adult pirate Halloween costume idea is actually the details on the jacket 

will turner costume idea

This would be extremely difficult and costly to actually replicate. So my way of coming up with a reasonable facsimile that would give me the same look and feel was to use puffy paint. I have done my best to sketch the design on the jacket using my reference photos. 

This was especially difficult because 

  1. My jacket was not necessarily the same size as the jacket shown
  2. The photos had the straps on covering parts of the design. But I did what I could and was happy with the results.

If someone wants to take it a step further, they can let the puffy paint partially dry and then gently press onto fabric or something else to give the paint the texture of fabric.

The buttons were a surprisingly cool thing. I was short on time and was in a craft store instead of my regular fabric store. I picked up the buttons only to find out later that they were stab buttons, with the back (like a pin) so I didn’t have to sew them on – huge bonus as I hate buttonSome 

Some Items in Will Turner Costume

some items in will turner costume
  1. Brown braided belt
  2. Red lace-up shirt
  3. Black pirate trench coat
few items in will turner costume
  1. Black pirate boots
  2. Pirate belts assorted 
  3. Brown medieval pants

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