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When is the Next SRD SASSA Payment?

When is the next SRD Sassa payment? You can find the answer to that question on the Sassa website. There are a variety of ways you can receive your grant, including cash, SASSA cards, and CashSend. However, it is important to note that the next payment cycle will depend on the payment period of your COVID-19 SRD grant.

The next SRD grant will be paid in mid-June 2022. The delay is due to a change in regulations that will require applicants to undergo a means test. These new regulations were approved by the Finance Minister in April. The banks had to work through legalities before Sassa can issue payment. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to receiving your grant, now is the time to start your applications.

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If you’re a R350 grant recipient, you’ll want to know when the next SRD SASA payment will be. The next payment cycle for the SRD SASSA grant will be mid-June 2022. The SRD SASSA payment dates are based on the last three digits of the beneficiary’s ID number, so if you’ve applied for this grant, be sure to wait for the payment notification by SMS.

The government said it would respond to questions by the end of business on Thursday, and it’s hoped to start paying SRD grants again mid-June, once the other social grants have been paid. Sassa also announced that the new phase of SRD grants will continue until March 2023. When is the next SRD SASA payment? And if it’s delayed, you’re not alone. There are nearly ten million people who applied.

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When is the next SRD SASSA payment? The government announces SRD grants every month, which you can collect from your local Post Office. Currently, the first week of January (2022) is reserved for SRD grants for children, elderly people, and disabled people. The rest of the month is dedicated to SRD grants. You can check your local Post Office for the latest updates.

To make sure your grant is ready for collection, you’ll need to send your sassa a text message. It will also notify you of the payment date via SMS. If you’re receiving an R350 grant, it’s important to make sure your SMS is a legitimate one. You may also want to contact your local Sapo office to find out when the next SRD Sassa payment is.


Pending signifies that your application has not yet been accepted; your information must first be vetted and validated. When your application is accepted, SASSA will send you an SMS asking for your banking information before paying you. The unique COVID-19 SRD award does not have a specific payment date.

AGENCY FOR SOUTH AFRICAN SOCIAL SECURITY. applicant’s south african identification number, 0 of 13. 0 of 10. Phone number used to submit your application.

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