How Much Is SRD SSS?

How Much Is SRD SSS?

Among the questions you might have on your mind is how much is SRD SSS. This social relief grant was introduced during the Covid-19 outbreak in South Africa. However, beneficiaries are complaining about the delayed payment and the lack of information regarding the SRD grant. If you want to find out more about how much is SRD SSS, read on! You will find out the exact answer to this question below!

how much is SRD SSS

In the past, the National Post Office was the only collection point for SRD grant payments. But now, that has changed. Pick n Pay and Boxer are accepting SRD grants now. The amount is equivalent to R350 and is administered by the South African Social Security Agency. The SRD SSS program requires that recipients receive a confirmation SMS from SASSA before they can claim the grant. As such, it is important for beneficiaries to ensure their SRD grants are received faster.

The SRD SSS grant is intended to shield people from hard lockdown caused by Covid-19. It provides critical assistance to over ten million people. Nevertheless, the amount of the grant has been under pressure from various advocacy groups. The Black Sash group has proposed that it should be increased to R629 per child per month. The new regulations were gazetted on Friday, 22 April. The application process had been closed the day before.

To keep the department’s budget within the approved R44-billion grant amount, means-testing was introduced to ensure that the grants are paid on time. However, the delay in payment was a cause of concern for both Black Sash and the #PayTheGrants campaign. Sibeko revealed that Sassa had to procure the services of banks for the means test process. The contract was approved in April and banks had to work it through.


The new phase of the SASSA grant has implemented a means test. If you earn more than R350 per month, you will no longer be eligible for this grant, even if you are supported by a family member. To make the process more secure for SASSA beneficiaries, the Department of Social Development also imposed new agreements with banks. The banks are now screening bank accounts to determine income levels.

Once you have verified the information you provided, SASSA will start processing your payments. Some payments may be paid in multiple cycles. For example, if you applied for the R350 grant in April, you may receive payments for May and June. As long as you update your banking details, you should expect to receive a payment within a month. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the backlog has cleared.

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