PTCL Router Login – Wifi Password, Username & IP Address

PTCL router login lets you change the WiFi password, Network Name (SSID), and default modem settings. This article also let you know steps to access PTCL router web interface and your default login, how to change PTCL wifi password, SSID and more.

What is PTCL router?

What is PTCL router?

The PTCL router is a web interface that can be accessed via This interface enables users to adjust the default modem settings, as well as the WiFi password and Network Name (SSID).

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.) is the national telecommunication company in Pakistan. Despite the introduction of a dozen additional telecommunication companies, including Telenor GSM and China Mobile, it is the country’s backbone for telephone and internet services.

Easy steps to PTCL router login

Just like the other router login, to PTCL router login, there are several simple steps to follow:

  1. Enter in the address bar of the browser you are using.
  2. Click the button Login after entering admin username and admin password.
Easy steps to PTCL router login
  1. You’ll have to log in to access PTCL router settings.

Note: If fails, try to open instead. Your router’s default username, IP address, and password will be printed on a label on the back.

How to change PTCL WiFi password and SSID?

  1. Log in to the router by opening a browser and entering in the address bar.
  2. Select Wireless from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your WiFi Network Name in the SSID field and click Apply/Save.
How to change PTCL WiFi password and SSID 3
  1. Select Security from the Wireless menu.
  2. In the WPA/WPAI pass field, enter your WiFi password.
How to change PTCL WiFi password and SSID 5
  1. To save the changes, press Apply/Save.

Default login for

Default login for

The most popular PTCL default username and password combinations are below. The mention above doesn’t always work. Then try these wireless router combinations.

3adminrandomly generated
5admin(sticker on the bottom of device)
14admin(label on the bottom of the router)

Hope this article has shown you the way to set up your PTCL router. The above steps won’t waste much your time to follow, you can also check them on any device like phone or computer as long as they are connected to the internet. Be clear that those steps might not be applied to another kind of router.

If you have any questions, please leave your comments below so that can help you or you can contact directly the number 080080800 or 1218 or visit to find supports.How to login to

If you are familiar with the router IP address or the default gateway IP, you will have no trouble logging in to the administrative interface of your router or modem.What Does a IP Address Do?

You will see the IP Address when setting up a wifi router or any other networking device. Some examples of these devices are webcams, VOIP phones, and DVRs.Why do a PTCL Password Change?

You need to have a changed password because your password has a weak privacy and might has been stolen by your neighbors.How Can I Know My Ptcl Router Password?

If the broadband modem’s username and password are not “admin,” you can find them on the back of the modem or modem box at home.How to reset PTCL Password?

How to reset PTCL Password?

  1. Type or into your web browser.
  2. You will be prompted for your username and password. In both the username and password fields, enter admin.
  3. Select Wireless and then Security. Search for the WPA/WAPI pass bar option.
  4. Set a new password by clicking on reset button.

How can I password protect PTCL Wi-Fi?

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