Ufone 4G Device Login – Username, Password & Wifi Settings

In this post, we will show simple steps for Ufone 4G Device Login via the Ufone app, setting up WiFi and internet connections & controlling mobile data consumption. This blog article has all the details you want, regardless of whether you’re a new Ufone Blaze user or looking to improve the performance of your smartphone.

How can I access Ufone 4G Device Login Page?

To access Ufone 4G Device login:

  1. First, launch your preferred web browser, then in the address bar, type
  2. After entering the password, click the Login button. (The Ufone 4G Blaze device’s rear cover contains a printed version of the password.)
How can I access Ufone 4G Device Login Page
  1. Then, you will be brought to the Ufone Device Manager screen.

How can I check my Ufone 4G coverage?

How can I check my Ufone 4G coverage

To check Ufone 4G coverage, you can dial *4# and your handset will display “4G” or “LTE” next to the network signal bars if you are in a 4G coverage area. Similarly, to check 3G coverage, dial *3344# and your handset will show “3G” or “H/H+” on top of the screen in a 3G coverage area.

How to deactivate Ufone 4G?

To deactivate Ufone 4G:

  1. Call Ufone customer service at 333 or 033-11-333-100.
  2. Ask to deactivate Ufone 4G and provide the necessary information.
  3. Or, visit a Ufone service center or franchise with your Ufone number and valid ID to deactivate 4G.

Does Ufone have 4G device?

How do I activate 4G LTE?

How do I activate 4G LTE

You can activate 4G LTE by following these steps

  1. Check Phone Compatibility: Make sure your phone is compatible with Ufone’s 4G LTE network.
  2. Upgrade SIM Card: If you have an old Ufone SIM card, upgrade it to a 4G-enabled SIM card from a Ufone service center or franchise.
  3. Enable 4G: Insert the 4G-enabled Ufone SIM card into your phone, go to “Settings,” select “Mobile Networks,” and choose “4G/3G/2G (Auto)” or “LTE/3G/2G (Auto)” network mode.
  4. Check 4G Coverage: Dial *4# to check the 4G coverage area. If available, your phone will switch to 4G automatically.
  5. Activate 4G Data Package: Activate a 4G data package by dialing *3# or visiting a Ufone service center or franchise.

Does Ufone work outside Pakistan?

Yes, it does. Ufone is the first Pakistani provider to allow international data roaming to prepaid clients in Iraq and Qatar.

How can I change my Ufone WiFi password and SSID?

To change your Ufone WiFi password and SSID:

  1. Sign in to the website for Ufone Device Manager.
  2. Select Wi-Fi Settings > Primary SSID.
  3. Enter the Wi-Fi network’s SSID in the Network Name field.
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi password in the area labeled Password.
How can I change my Ufone WiFi password and SSID
  1. Click Apply to save your changes.

What is the price of Ufone 4G device?

What are Ufone 4G Data Packages?

What are Ufone 4G Data Packages

Ufone 4G Data Packages are shown in the table below:

Ufone 4G PackagePriceData LimitValidity
Daily Light BucketRs. 12500 MB1 day
Daily Heavy BucketRs. 181 GB1 day
Special Daily BucketRs. 650 MB1 day
3-Day BucketRs. 30500 MB3 days
Weekly Light BucketRs. 751 GB7 days
Weekly Heavy BucketRs. 1253 GB7 days
Monthly 1GBRs. 2501 GB30 days
Monthly 3GBRs. 5003 GB30 days
Monthly 10GBRs. 1,00010 GB30 days
Monthly 20GBRs. 1,50020 GB30 days

Note: It is a have-to to visit the Ufone website or get in touch with Ufone customer care for the most recent information because the data packages and rates are subject to change over time.

How can I buy Ufone 4G Sim at home?

How can I buy Ufone 4G Sim at home

To buy a Ufone 4G SIM card at home:

  1. The “Online Shop” area may be found on the Ufone website.
  2. From the list of choices, pick “SIM Cards.”
  3. Click “Buy Now” after selecting the desired SIM card bundle.
  4. Name, address, and other personal information should be entered.
  5. Verify your order, then head to the checkout page. Numerous online payment options are available.
  6. Your Ufone 4G SIM card will be sent to your home a few days after a successful payment has been made.
  7. A Ufone 4G SIM card may also be ordered through a variety of internet retailers, including Daraz and Telemart.

What is Ufone helpline?

What is Ufone helpline

051-111-333-100 is Ufone’s helpline number. Customers may contact it at any time to seek help with their mobile services because it is open round-the-clock.

In conclusion, Ufone’s user-friendly software enables quick access to a variety of services, including the configuration of WiFi and internet connections and the management of mobile data use. The easy methods indicated in this blog article can assist both new Ufone Blaze customers and those wishing to enhance the functionality of their handsets. 

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Blaze may be purchased at Ufone 4G service centers for PKR 3,700 (one-time costs). You may also purchase the Blaze gadget via local retailers and co-op stores.

Yes, it is. 5G is a hundred times faster than 4G.

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