Mi Router Login – Username, Password & Wifi IP Address

Mi Router Login allows you to access the web interface of your Xiaomi router via the link http://miwifi.com/ or, change wifi password and SSID, and provides a list of default settings such as router username, password, and IP address.

What is Xiaomi Wifi?

What is Xiaomi Wifi

Xiaomi Wi-Fi is an application supplied by Xiaomi Inc. and its subsidiaries for Mi Router management, network device management, Wi-Fi management, and additional services.

The Xiaomi router includes all the usual high-end extras found in modern routers, such as the ability to create a guest WLAN network, manage QoS based on client MAC address, set a default IP address for clients, and prevent clients from connecting to your network. Its maximum transfer speed can achieve 2,4GHz max 300Mbps / 5GHz max 867 Mbp.

Easy steps to Mi router login

To Mi Router Login, your PC must be connected to the router to access the Xiaomi MiWiFi Router’s web interface. You can connect your PC to the Xiaomi MiWiFi Router using an Ethernet cable by inserting one end into the router and the other into your PC, or you can connect to the router’s WiFi network. 

Once the router and PC are connected, follow these steps to log into your MiWiFi Router’s web interface:

  1. Open a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, on your computer.
  2. Enter the default gateway address for Mi WiFi routers in the URL bar with the link: http://miwifi.com/ or
Easy steps to Mi router login
  1. You’ll be directed to the MiWiFi router’s login page. To proceed, you must enter your login username and password.
  2. For Mi WiFi routers, the default login information is:
  • Default Username: empty (no letter)
  • Default Password: admin
  1. Enter your login password, then click Login.
  2. If your login credentials are correct, you will be able to access the web-based interface of your Mi WiFi router and manage all of the router and WiFi network settings from there.

How to change MiWiFi password and SSID?

To change Mi WiFi password and SSID, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Using the steps outlined above, log in to the MiWiFi interface.
  2. Navigate to the “Wi-Fi Settings” section by selecting “Settings” from the top bar.
How to change Mi WiFi password and SSID
  1. Enter the name of your WiFi network in the name field.
  2. Select Mixed (WPA/WPA2-personal) encryption.
  3. In the password field, enter your new WiFi password.
  4. To make the changes take effect, click Save.

Default Settings for IP Address of Xiaomi Router Login

Default Settings for IP of Xiaomi Router Login

Following is a list of the most common default router Xiaomi’s username and password combinations:

ModelUsernamePasswordIP Address
Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier 2admin192.168.31.1
Mi WiFi Router 3admin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi (R1D)admin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi (R2D)admin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi 3admin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi 3Aadmin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi 3Cadmin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi 3Gadmin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi 4admin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi 4Aadmin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi 4Qadmin
MiWiFi HDadmin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi Liteadmin
MiWiFi Miniadmin192.168.31.1
MiWiFi Proadmin192.168.31.1

reset Xiaomi Routers If the above methods are not working

reset Xiaomi Routers If the above methods are not working

If none of the above methods worked for you, all you need to do is reset your modem. The simple instructions are as follows:

  1. Find the small Reset button first. It’s often situated behind the router.
  2. Find something pointed, like a needle or a paperclip, and use it to press the Reset button. Press and hold the Reset button for 10 to 15 seconds using the needle.
  3. Release the button after 10–15 seconds. As the router reboots, its LEDs will flash.
  4. Any changes, such as a new password, will be lost when the router reboots back to its original settings. After that, the factory-set password will allow you to sign in.

We anticipate that after reading this page, you will be able to login your Mi router. You can check the aforementioned steps which won’t take up much of your time, from any internet-connected device, including a smartphone or PC.

If you require assistance, please express your inquiry in the space below, and https://bubblonia.com will react as quickly as possible.


To access your MI router you need to know that miwifirouter.com or is the IP-address of the website for the Mi WiFi Router. The default admin password is the same as the WI-FI password, which was set during the initial setup of the device.

To reset the admin password for your MI router, you need:

  1. Log in to your router’s interface.
  2. Select the Settings tab and click it from the menu’s header.
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Security tab.
  4. Now you are able to set a new administrator password.
  5. Well done!

Your Xiaomi router’s default username is (blank), and admin is the password by default.

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